Pursuit of happiness

I recently went on a pilgrimage, away from intrusive phone calls and emails. My mind was free to wander and observe. The more I looked around, the more I realized that directly or indirectly all of us we are simply trying to be happy. It became obvious that nature has programed us for two basic […]

Digital HR – What is it?

3rd March 2016 The world of work is undergoing a seismic shift. Technology is changing the way we work, communicate, relate and above all the way we live. Work happens during, before and after the real work hours. Work, life, and work life balance have all gained new meanings. This interconnected evolution has made managing […]

Encouraging Gender Diversity : Role of Leaders

24th September 2014   The 2013 International Business Report put the average number of women in senior management positions globally at 24 percent. Though this anomaly has been in focus for some time, change is happening at a very slow rate. There has been only a 5% increase in the number of women in top levels of […]

How to fix the leaking talent bucket

26th June 2017 It is estimated that the millennial generation will have up to 7 careers and 22 jobs by the time they hit their retirement age. Imagine the loss if employers are not able to facilitate at least some of these movements within the organization. Ironically, some organizations today do not consider attrition to […]

A mystery called ‘Consciousness’

23rdmay 2017 We have always wondered what makes humans different from other creatures around us. The fact that we ‘wonder’ is the key to understanding the difference. It’s a simple enough concept. Picture a flower bed. Is the flower in the left row aware of the one on the right? Does it realise it is […]

Love should be blind

Whoever said “love is blind” said it wrong! Actually love should be blind!  All forms of life transcend from the ‘Collective conscious’ – simplistically put our souls are like tiny drops of water coming out of a single ocean. Each drop independently is incomplete…collectively they make the complete ocean. The ultimate purpose of all drops […]

What the bleep is employee experience

The newest kid on the ‘HR jargon block’ is ‘Employee Experience’. While the world of work is still grappling with a common and correct understating of Employee Engagement, billions of dollars are now being spent on Employee Experience. While the Engagement movement was owned by the ‘Behavioral Scientists’, Technology Companies have emerged as the guardians […]

Art of war (for talent)

The ‘War for Talent’ is NOT just about the challenges an organization faces in attracting and recruiting the right people, at the right time and at the right cost. This is just one of the many battles that the business enterprises are grappling with. Organizations today are fighting two types of battles in the war, […]

Not giving a Fuck and five other leadership Imperatives

Recommended reading list for new age leaders The rapid invasion of the human ecosystem by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Analytics etc. have augmented our performance capabilities to unprecedented levels. Humans and machines are working in tandem to accomplish feats, once conceived only in the sci-fi realm. As the ‘Sophia’s’ of the new world get […]

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