In these days of the COVID19 crisis and the impact thereof, one can just not, but, think if destiny is playing a role. We are all navigating through the crisis in our own unique ways and will live through unique experiences. While some of us are blessed and can continue our work as we spend ‘quality time in quarantine with our loved ones’, there are others fighting hunger and epidemic every moment.
Why such disparity?  Is this destiny?

Destiny, they say, is a sequence of predetermined events that individuals have to go through without a choice. Destiny is a concept of convenience – sometimes it is used as an explanation for the unprecedented success of individuals and at times used as an excuse for failure and underachievement. Many people (especially in the east) are not able to realize their optimum potential due to the existence of the concept of destiny.

Does destiny exist?

The beauty of being a human is that only we have the ability to ‘experience’ our ‘experiences’ through emotions. Unlike any other living being, only humans have this innate ability to feel and intellect about their feelings. Love, joy, power, pride, helplessness, humility etc can be only experienced in the human form of life.

It is thus an imperative for a complete human life to experience all that it has to offer…that’s our true destiny. We are all destined for completion!We are all destined to encounter enough and more events in our lifetimes so as to be able to experience all the possible experiences. In that manner, we all have the same destiny. Our own self imposed mental and social blocks make us oblivious to this reality of our lives. So those beaing beaten up for evnturing out may never realise that its destiny’s way of saving them – they are destined to be safe.

Let’s go back to the caveman. Now the primitive man is born in the most natural eco-system that’s absolutely abundant – an abundance of opportunities to create pleasurable and un-pleasurable experiences for the dude! It is only now when the eco-system is totally corrupted by a societal system, which has created inequality of abundance and deprived human beings of the ‘right to all experiences’, most people are forced into leading incomplete lives and find solace in the frivolous argument of destiny.

The melodramatic accounting firm of ‘Chitragupt’, if at all it exists, will have to work through a common accounting language for creating and managing destinies. And that language has to be free from all human biases like gender, culture, country, money etc. So the bad news is that no one can get destined for a BMW or a Porsche. The language of destiny has to be ‘experiences’.

Siddhartha, born with the ideal destiny of a prince, went through the most painful of experiences in life to become the Buddha! Kanahiya, born under worst circumstances, apparently destined to be killed at birth, goes through series of pleasurable experiences in life to become the Krishna!

So when Krishna says ‘act and do not worry about the consequences’ he is actually pointing to the fact that no matter what we do, universe will take us to the most relevant experience for that moment. Awareness is the key to realize the destiny.

According to both Dr. Joseph Dispenza (, a brain-science expert from San Diego, California – who recently published “Evolve Your Brain”; and Dr. Bruce Lipton, a PhD Cellular Biologist from Stanford University (, who recently published “The Biology of Belief” – our conscious mind can keep track of up to 2,000 “bits” of information per second. However, at the same time our subconscious mind blazes away at about 400-Billion “bits of information” – EVERY second! So literally, while our sub-conscious is working hard to take us towards achievement of all our aspirations, our conscious mind forces us into deprivation on account of its stupidity. Its ‘ifs and buts’ often stop us from rewarding ‘karma’.

Our conscience is corrupted by religion, morality, societal norms, values etc which end up acting more as disables for human contentedness. And this is amply visible these days across religions, cultures and geographies.

Our dreams and aspirations act as triggers for us to work towards action or ‘karma’ which will eventually lead us to the ‘experience’ that we need to have. It’s like a buffet being laid and my sugar craving taking me to the dessert counter!

Refraining from pursuing ones dreams and fantasies is a recipe of a lifetime of regret or guilt. Isn’t it that blaming destiny gives endurance to overcome regret and guilt? That’s the escapist strategy.

Regret and Guilt are the two biggest parasites of happiness. If we look around, the only reasons people feel unhappy are either guilt or regret. Guilt and regret are the roadblocks to our completion as divine beings!

Remember regret comes from the self-imposed limitation of inaction or inappropriate action and guilt comes from self impose mental blocks (often inculcated by societal control freaks).

The day we are free from guilt and regret we shall realize that destiny has it all for you…and that can only happen when we are able to listen to our subconscious. And this time of Covid lockdown is perfect for this liberation.

As Rumi said; “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

Come, meet me, I am your destiny

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  1. Rahul
    April 9, 2020

    Precise as always..shakun

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